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    Label Application Category
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    1, the security industry
    Label with the characteristics with the application conditions in the security industry. China's first anti-counterfeiting labels presented in the mid-1980s, the scope of application have alcohol, food, medicine, health care products, cosmetics, children's goods, toys, clothing tag, standard shoes, computer hardware and software products, sporting goods, auto parts, agricultural supplies. Use self-adhesive security labels on the goods in our market have generally carried out space.

    2, the pharmaceutical industry
    With the country announced the GMP certification standards, the pharmaceutical industry on drug packaging have higher standards of request, whether it is about packaging hygiene or aesthetics, are further requests. Sticker adhesive materials arrive at the premise hygiene practices, and can satisfy the needs of pharmaceutical packaging. On the one hand, the pharmaceutical industry is relatively high consumption request, assembly line speed, a lot of bottle labeling needs when automatic labeling to reach the request; on the other hand, a variety of self-adhesive material suitable printing, clear graphics, neat strong sticky effect, so that the sticker can reach the market of pharmaceutical packaging request. OTC flourished in the period, consumer requests for the drug packaging is certainly increasing, they want more than just a label stating that it is a brand logo. Meanwhile, pharmaceutical products focus on security is quite self-adhesive labels have a wide choice of materials, such as shredding, font security labels.

    3, supermarkets, was Sheng Industry
    With the acceleration of the market economy, to carry out, the speed of circulation of commodities, China wholesale industry is carried out with extraordinary speed regulation. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, China's commercial wholesale and catering chain enterprises with a total limit of more than 1232, the total number of stores to 34,551. In the future, demand for variable information printing labels will be more and more, such as supermarkets fresh food, because of its circulation speed, lucrative and constantly is "battleground", thermal label has thus been to carry out a lot of space. Another example is the baggage tag, the supermarket price labels, storage labels, etc., have all now have more general application. In some European logistics developed countries, for variable information printing sticker once accounted for more than 40% of the total label market demand, in our country, this market has just started, the annual per capita consumption is minimal. Wholesale foreign giants and local private enterprises to become bigger and stronger direction for future conduct, the logistics industry is an emerging industry, many domestic cities are hoping to play the role of logistics centers. Stop using barcode consumption management and logistics management, bar code sticker is the most fundamental needs. In more and more enterprises have tasted the benefits brought by the bar code management, but also self-adhesive industry will bring enormous business opportunities. With the rapid development of logistics industry, the market for variable information type sticker will generate huge demand

    4, the electronics industry
    Electronic equipment always been popular to further improve people's lives every corner, home appliances and communication tools, making the electronics industry has undertaken unprecedented scope.

    5, daily chemical industry
    Label now in daily chemical industry has obtained widespread application. It is understood that at present, the domestic use of cosmetic products as a label sticker proportion exceed 30 percent, according to statistics, the sticker on the domestic market is still on the industry adhere to the momentum of rapid growth, and get more universal application, the label information will also be high-level, to carry out a variety of directions.

    As we all know, cosmetic products with high added value, so many brands, fierce competition. Consumer goods in the breathtaking when selecing a commodity, product packaging is a key element to absorb consumers, while Japanese products packaging is the most important label, visible or not refined labels play a key role. Label able to demonstrate the required label request more successfully.

    AQSIQ rules, meat products, dairy products, beverages, condiments, frozen foods, instant noodles, food began biscuits, canned food, frozen food rice, puffed food and other purposes of market access system, the factory after the necessary competence QS logo affixed and enter the circulation category. In addition, AQSIQ also rule, starting from August 1, the country's 19 major categories of 132 kinds of goods (touch electronics, home appliances, air conditioners and other products), to compel the purposes of certification (ie, 3C certification), the rules of the use of six kinds of specifications logo stickers, provided no forced 3C certification logo products not manufactured, they are not allowed into circulation category sales. The rule also provides opportunities for self-adhesive business and markets.

    Currently, plastic, soft, concave, convex, screen printing equipment combined with each other traditional trademark product label and pushed to new heights; and the digital label and trademark system was opened a new market, now, domestic stickers The key label printing market continues to deepen conduct is not that the industry is copy Europe "flexo" mainstream, or follow the example of Japan's "letterpress" mainstream, but rather how to separate conditions, according to the nature of the goods themselves. Feature to selec a printing process or a combination of road and associated equipment system with high cost performance. Since, under certain conditions, to various quality modern printing technology is simply too close to a printed sticker up and down, the difference lies in the input and output gain compliance with the process of roads.

    In short, self-adhesive can be applied to application characteristics, the self-adhesive labels as carrying security information carrier, so that its scope of application is more common, more personalized information label has a broad prospect. Especially in the current state has adopted a number of policies and rules (such as a request to clarify imported products affixed Chinese origin signs, etc.) as a self-adhesive application provides a market space, but also provides opportunities for the sticker printing.

    Label in this category is subject to welcome, not only because it can be affixed, printable, design, and more importantly, demand for electronic products applying labels to reach certain results. Let's label hard, can be a good fit and appliances, or label the external environment corrosion resistant, high temperature and so on. Often in different parts of an electrical product, the demand to use the label information, the electronics industry are several ways to carry out ambitious, especially in South China, East China, exports accounted for relatively large, it is driven by self-adhesive label materials cost The main area. And other areas, as used in the electronics industry labels also have relatively high general information requests, many multinational companies have own strict detection methods, such as measuring viscosity, resistance to scratching, temperature properties. But the ordinary, many companies have made a request for information with the UL label
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