Remove the residue after the sticker under the how to clean it?
    Update: 2016-01-22  Click: 316

    The problem of interference many people who used the self-adhesive label stickers.

    We are here to tell you a few small measures applicable, his assistant, we dispose of theoretical issues.

    The first: detergent plus toothpaste, every household is no shortage of these two things, readily able to get, torn off the adhesive labels, some exposing rotten stickers, then use a nail try to clean residual buckle glue and paper, the rest of the turn of detergent work, and squeeze a few drops of dish soap with a rag, wipe hard stickers water, then rinse with water, and finally with a rag scrub toothpaste squeeze a few drops, wait then rub a few moments, the water washed, intact disappear!

    The second: wind spirits, either, stickers and all kinds of cloth fabric glue residue on the clothes, a few drops, rub, rub a rub, water and a red, almost done.

    Third: alcohol plus rubber, plastic stick adhesive glue metal appearance, with a rag moistened with medical alcohol, Rub a few, most of the self-adhesive glue can be removed in a few use the eraser, and the rest a small amount of residual traces intact simply disappear.
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