The use of low-temperature environment Label
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    Ordinary paper sticker affected by water would damp air, with morning and evening temperature changes, the result of repeated action, will produce distortion, warping phenomenon, and professional low temperature adhesive labels can withstand extreme temperatures and the temperature change, such labels stickers pick Nat addition, you can probably withstand extreme temperatures, specifically for the freezing of all deposits, including liquid nitrogen, frozen and ultra low temperature refrigeration applications, while also making it practical for most incubation Disposal of punishment process.

    Especially now has entered the winter, cold and wet climate on the quality of the sticker is a harsh temper, tens of degrees below zero in the case of the use of self-adhesive labels will be the result? What should the use of the label it?
    Features cold case is humidity, low temperature, if the use of ordinary labels cold easily deformed, wrinkled, off. And cold items in a variety of packaging situation. In the case of such a choice can probably label it must have good moisture and low temperature properties.

    There are many bottom-glue labels, freezer labels will certainly have to choose low-temperature glue.

    If a good label affixed at room temperature and then put in cold storage, the label will have to use tissue paper has certainly scalability.

    Since the articles in packaged form may be ordinary paper packaging, there may be a nylon package, may need to use different materials for the label. It would be best to try a short period of time and then determine whether to use some kind of final materials.

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